Friday’s classy smart lock speaks many languages


The attractive Friday Smart Lock trims off the bulk found on many other smart deadbolts and still manages to pack in plenty of features. Currently it’s only going to be shipped in the US and Scandinavia, but given that it’s designed to work with Thread for Google and Nest, as well as Apple’s upcoming HomeKit, Friday looks poised to be a key — or keyless — part of a larger smart home.

With both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in, the Friday Smart Lock offers remote functionality via an iOS or Android app, as well as a Web dashboard. You should be able to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, and Bluetooth will help with geofencing so it can automatically unlock when you get close.

Attractive possibilities
The Friday Smart Lock should not only unlock when you get close, but should also be able to tell your Nest Thermostat you’re home so it can adjust the temperature accordingly. Alternatively, you can tell Siri to unlock the door or have your Friday lock signal the lamp you have plugged into a HomeKit-compatible switch to turn on. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a foot in both Apple’s and Google’s smart home camps, it’s ready to be broadly functional
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