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1. Where do I submit my feedback?

-Your suggestions and thoughts are very important to us! We follow all your comments on Facebook, Twitter, Linkin,etc. and listen to your suggestions for future product upgrades and releases. You may also send email to our service engineers:info@ibestek.com

What are the current payment methods?

We accept payment via Bank TT or West Union. And LC is acceptable if it is bulk quantity.

How do I confirm and update my shipping address?

We will update the news to you timely. If you want know more simply send email to sales@ibestek.com and so long as your order isn't being processed, we will be able to update your address.

Change of mind

We have a 30 day returns policy, you can read more information on this here!

Products FAQ


Is there a warranty?

We are still working out the exact details of the warranty for all the products, but there will be a 1 years warranty recently to every poducts on sales. To ensure that we comply with the legal requirements across a number of different countries, we decided its best that we seek legal advice to ensure that we are compliant. As soon as we have this information we will update you all.

Are the touch switches suitable for outdoor use?

No. The touch board is not a problem. but the inside cases are not water proof material recently. We are researching the water proof types but it need continuous tests now.

My touch switch does not response when touch it, but appear ON/OFF automatically?

Possible Reason: when doing installation or maintenance, the power does not cut off. The sensor calibration changes.Please contact with our engineers : sales@ibestek.com.


Further FAQ


Can't find an answer to my question?

Check out out the rest of our Frequently Asked Questions, or please shoot us an email at sales@ibestek.com and we'll be more than happy to give you a hand.